Modular operation theater focuses on achieving safety, precision, and efficiency for the entire operating team. It is designed to streamline the workflow and deliver better patient outcomes by eliminating wasted time and resources. Modular operating theater drives consistency and smooth flow during operations, reducing the risk while carrying out surgical procedures.

Modular operation theater manufacturers design innovative Modular OTs that can ensure patient safety and improve the treatment outcome. While operating, maximum flexibility is the aim of these advanced OTs that follow nabh guidelines for modular operation theater – the strict standards in managing innovative medical workspaces.

Know some of the few benefits of a modular operation theatre, the essential elements of Modular OTs, and provide an overall better understanding of the workplace.

Modular Operation Theater Features

Design as per NABH norms
Class 100 to 10000
HVAC design 20,10,3 and 0.3 micron filtration
Stainless Steel /Aluminum LAF HEPA bed
Surgeon control ELE panel
Clean room puff partition wall / ceiling
SS puff partition
GI powder coated puff partition
Epoxy / PU flooring
View panel & pass box

The modular operating theatre has always been a unique place designed for saving lives. The more it evolves, the more lives can be saved.

Modular OT Specifications:

  • Absolute flatness
  • Vertical level adjustment of sub frame
  • Hermetic sealing
  • Sound insulation
  • Non-flammable materials
  • Ease of disassembly – individuality of panels
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Top Benefits of Modular Operating Theater (OT)

Modular operation theatres are in high demand due to the flexible dynamics of conducting operations. They are preferred by doctors and patients as well who want the best services for treatment. Here are the top benefits of Modular OTs in the hospital –

1. Imaging diagnostics during operation

One of the most significant benefits of advanced Modular OTs is that they enable imaging and x-ray while the operation is going on. This gives a quick analysis of the patient and provides imagery of the internal organs rapidly. Fluoroscopy and robotic x-ray arms are common in Modular operating theatres. Doctors can utilize instant images for assessing the patient’s health in real-time and make informed decisions.

2. Patient safety

Another significant benefit of finding modular operation theatre manufacturers is that these OTs ensure the safety of the patients. Doctors can easily and quickly handle any complications that may occur. It doesn’t put the patient’s life at risk. When the hospital uses modern OTs, the family members are also relieved and have peace of mind that they are in good hands and taken care of.

3. Collaborative environment

By following the nabh guidelines for modular operation theatres, manufacturers design a space where doctors and assistants can collaborate better. Doctors of various specializations can get comfortable in advanced operation theatres and work together on a single patient. This integrated effort is also helpful for the patient as he or she can receive the right treatment at the right time. They can also carry out complex procedures without any hassle.

4. Cost savings

Modular operating theatre results in cost savings for both the patient and the hospital. Since a wide variety of procedures can be carried out in the same room, the patient doesn’t have to be shifted a lot. It saves the hospital the cost of beds, hire personnel for carrying patients, and much more. On the other hand, the patient also doesn’t have to pay the price for different beds and rooms. They can easily be treated in a single room and more efficiently.

A modern design modular operation theatre allows the Doctor and patients to get involved in the treatment/surgery seamlessly.

Essential components in a Modular operation theatre

There are 4 major components that need to be installed in Modular OTs. These include:-

  1. Control panel
  2. Ceiling mounted laminar flow
  3. X-ray screen
  4. Surgical scrub platforms

Out of these 4, the Operation Theatre control panel is the most important equipment. Modular operation theatre manufacturers design it specifically to provide a wide variety of information. The panel consists of a real-time clock, stopwatch, temperature & pressure monitor, integral sensors, medical gas alarm system, hands-free telephone, and OT control switches. They make the operation seamless and streamline the workflow.

Modular operation theatre is a safer and better option for treating the patient. The latest technology eliminates a lot of hassle from the doctor’s and assistant’s hands, enabling them to focus on giving their full attention to the patient. Modular operating theatres are, therefore, gradually replacing the traditional OTs.